Thank you for visiting Sahar Sangak Bakery, home of Narges Kermanshahi and her delicious Sangak bread!

Sahar Sangak Bakery
Sangak Flat Bread

We have been baking our traditional Sangak flatbread for over 30 years. Located in Los Angeles, we strive to keep the traditional Sangak recipe true to it's origin. Always using the finest ingredients and unique baking style, our Sangak flatbread preserves the middle eastern culture.


Sahar Bakery’s Sangak is baked the traditional way. With the aid of a hand press, the dough is shaped by hand and placed in the oven for baking. The ovens contains earth stones that create the optimum cooking conditions. This gives our Sangak the authentic Sangak flavor.

INDEED OUR SAHAR SANGAK BREAD HAS THE AUTHENTIC SANGAK FLAVOR. If you've never tasted this bread you are in for a real treat! This deliciously different bread recipe is hundreds of years old and is enjoyed worldwide.